Nouvelle exposition Gilles Bailac      "Visual Art"   Biarritz 18 -  23 décembre 2019

Parution dans la Semaine du SUD-OUEST  aout 2019

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Artist Studio Gallery

in Biarritz (64) (France)       Exhibition Gilles Bailac

 Rue Albert 1er


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Galerie 2 (solo expo. 2019)

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Gilles Bailac´s quote

Gilles Bailac in few more words…  


Gilles Bailac feels a deep need to express himself and create a sensation of pleasure through painting. His work is composed of landscapes and abstract compositions.. His paintings appeal to the imagination and allow us dream. Gilles Baillac likes to paint by omitting details, preferring the impression he likes to pass to the viewer.

His compositions are pure improvisation, having their origins in an idea, a color, a snapshot or a sensation. His style is fast, light and spontaneous. He listens to his painting even as he tries to keep it under control, and he allows the paint to express itself without any real constraint. He allows the canvas to accept the amount of paint that it wishes to. This allows the paint to do what the paint must do. His compositions often require the eye to reinterpret them.


His colors: Blue; always present and manifesting itself in the sea and the sky is for Gilles Bailac a magic color of dreams. A color, which evokes memories; desire. Blue does not shock, does not offend. Blue is peaceful. It stays perfectly true to its personality and shows his love of his native landscape which appears in many of the compositions.


He admires Staël, Diebenkorn, O'keefe, Frankenthaler, Poliakoff, Nolde, Soulages, Scully, Vieira da Silva, Wou-Zi, Matisse, Hodler, etc... 


As Oscar Wilde said “ Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.


For many years he has shared his life between the wilderness of the Basque mountains, the Atlantic ocean in Biarritz (France), and Japan. Lives now in Cascais in Portugal.


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